SEM Manual for Jordan

Resource Type: Manuals and Brochure

Member State: Jordan

Document Language: English

Social Expenditure Database Manual: A guide to the Social Expenditure Monitor Database in Jordan

August 2021

The Social Expenditure Monitor Database manual is a reference to understand better the building of indicators of social expenditure for Jordan. The definition of indicators is based on ESCWA’s Social Expenditure Monitor for Arab States (ESCWA, 2019), tailored to Jordan’s context.  The methodology (codes) used to generate the indicators in Jordan’s context is derived from the Jordanian Budget Law, from different line ministries/ governmental entities. 

The manual starts with a discussion of the budget classification and data issues regarding the spending items as in the Jordan Budget Laws. It aims to provide guidance for users to construct the indicators of the SEM based on programs/activities/projects and their respective codes in Jordan.